At Astranis, we're doing our life's work.

Who we are

We’re engineers. We're entrepreneurs. We’re pilots, climbers, and Killer Queen enthusiasts. We speak twenty-one languages (not counting programming). We've worked at SpaceX, OneWeb, Blue Origin, Skybox, SSL, Planet Labs, Qualcomm, IDEO, Google, Apple, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Hughes, and NASA. And we've all chosen to work together to connect the world and eventually the solar system.

We are doing our life's work at Astranis — connecting the world is one of humanity's most important challenges — and we truly care about each other as teammates. And we are proud to give incredibly talented individuals far more responsibility and impact than they would ever have at a traditional or large company. Apply today, and join over 200 amazing engineers and entrepreneurs who have flown things in space before.

Teammate Spotlight

Antennas Engineer
When I was little, I would visit my grandparents in India and find myself in sweaty internet cafes to do my homework. I saw Astranis could change that and I wanted to be a part of it. I couldn't imagine myself being an observer while this company that seems to have everything (free lunches, beautiful office, diverse and supportive teams) working towards the goal of connecting the world.
GNC Engineer
My favorite thing about Astranis is how collaborative everything is. It takes a village to build a satellite and Astranis is just that. We are a couple hundred engineers all working to connect the world!
As a first-generation Nigerian American, I understand firsthand the impact that quality internet access can have in underdeveloped areas throughout the world. On top of that, the company culture and my colleagues are top tier.
I love recruiting for Astranis, not only because of the amazing humanitarian mission, but also because of the employee-centric environment that truly values career development and a work/life balance simultaneously.
Sr Technical Program Manager
I love working at Astranis because of the mission, the people and the products. We have a team of extremely talented and motivated engineers working to develop truly game changing technology. I love showing up everyday to a beautiful facility in the heart of San Francisco where we are trailblazing a new and better way of building satellites at an amazing speed.
RTL Engineer
It's rare to find a career that's both technically interesting and that actually aims to make a positive impact on the world. Everyday we get to collaboratively work on unique problems that will one day solve one of the world's hardest and most important problems.

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