At Astranis, we're doing our life's work.

Who we are

We’re engineers. We're entrepreneurs. We’re pilots, climbers, and Killer Queen enthusiasts. We speak twenty-one languages (not counting programming). We've worked at SpaceX, OneWeb, Blue Origin, Skybox, SSL, Planet Labs, Qualcomm, IDEO, Google, Apple, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Hughes, and NASA. And we've all chosen to work together to connect the world and eventually the solar system.

We are doing our life's work at Astranis — connecting the world is one of humanity's most important challenges — and we truly care about each other as teammates. And we are proud to give incredibly talented individuals far more responsibility and impact than they would ever have at a traditional or large company. Apply today, and join over 200 amazing engineers and entrepreneurs who have flown things in space before.

Teammate Spotlight

Team Lead, Electrical Integration
I joined Astranis four years ago, and my favorite part of the job is working on hard problems with people who can admit when they don't know the answers. We work together, invent the craziest solutions, and they work!
As a first-generation Nigerian American, I understand firsthand the impact that quality internet access can have in underdeveloped areas throughout the world. On top of that, the company culture and my colleagues are top tier.
The past two years at Astranis have been nothing but awesome! Having the opportunity to see the team grow from ~50 employees to over 250 has been an incredible journey professionally and personally.
Team Lead, Power
I've been fortunate through my career to have worked on a wide array of interesting and important projects. Astranis has kicked that up to a whole new level. No engineer could ask for more. We're doing something really unique, important and fascinating and I'm very grateful to be part of it.
I love recruiting for Astranis, not only because of the amazing humanitarian mission, but also because of the employee-centric environment that truly values career development and a work/life balance simultaneously.
Team Lead, Propulsion
I started my career in the old space industry where half the people I worked with were only there to get a paycheck. Everyone at Astranis is here because they genuinely want to be here. Its a very inspiring and energizing atmosphere to work in and makes me want to do my very best work every day.

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