Connecting Peru from Andes to Amazon

By joining forces with Andesat, we’re providing broadband access to the millions of Peruvians who need it most.

andesat | coming 2023
the Challenge

Peru’s rugged terrain makes nationwide fiber-optic cable an impossibility, rendering millions of people—including 86% of rural Peruvians—without connectivity and keeping them out of reach of essential services and opportunities.

Astranis Solution

Astranis, partnering with Andesat, will build a single Ku-band satellite that will launch in 2023 to bring the number of Peru’s 4G sites from 100 to 1,000 and connect 2 million Peruvians for the first time.



Grupo Andesat is a trusted partner in Latin American telecommunications that provides end-to-end services like cellular backhaul, IoT solutions, rural connectivity, and more. With teleports in Chile, Argentina, and Peru, Andesat plans to continue leading the industry and further expand across the continent and the globe.

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