A New Class of Satellite

Astranis is the only company building a critically-needed technology: next-gen spacecraft for Geostationary Orbit


connect the world

4 billion people are living without connectivity. We're bringing them online, one satellite at a time.

Astranis has sold more than $1 billion in satellite services over the past two years

Four satellites launching in 2024, with many more to follow.

World-Class Team
300 and GROWING
World-Class Facility
in downtown San Francisco
World-Class Hardware
made in America, tested in space
World-Class Team
300 and GROWING
World-Class Facility
World-Class Hardware
made in America, SPACE-tested

Supporting U.S. Government Missions

Our satellite broadband networks offer capabilities that both commercial and government customers can't find anywhere else.

Astranis CEO
John Gedmark

"In our business if you are doing things right — if you are building advanced space technology — it is only a matter of time until the US Department of Defense comes knocking on your door asking for your help. You can either say yes, or you can say no.

At Astranis we have decided to say yes."

Read more about our U.S. government work

Global Reach

We're working with some of the top players in the telecommunications space to bring high-speed broadband internet to people around the world.


We're working with Orbits Corp to bring two million people online across 5,000 Filipino communities.


Grupo Andesat is counting on Astranis to provide broadband access to millions in Peru.

North America

Together, Anuvu and Astranis will connect and entertain the world's passengers by sea and air.


Astranis and APCO Network will connect up to 5 million people in rural Mexico.

Partner with the world’s lowest-cost satellite provider to boost your bottom line while bringing high-speed internet to those who need it most.