Our mission: connect the world.
We are building the next generation of internet satellites.

The Problem

Internet satellites are as big as double-decker buses and cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build and launch.

As a result, it only makes economic sense to place legacy satellites over population centers.

Our Answer

Astranis improves access to internet connectivity by making smaller and more powerful satellites at a fraction of the cost.

This approach allows us to build our satellites in 12-18 months, about five times faster than our competitors.

MicroGEO: Our first production satellite

DESIGNED FOR geostationary orbit (GEO)

Operates for ten years in GEO, 35,786 km away from Earth


Re-programmable radio, even in orbit


At a wet mass of ~350 kg, far simpler and cheaper to launch

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We will triple the satellite internet capacity of Alaska.

Thirty-nine percent of Alaskans don't have reliable access to internet— the highest rate of any U.S. state — and thousands live with no access at all. We're working to change that with an incredible partner, Pacific Dataport, Inc.

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