High-Speed Internet On The Go

Working closely with Anuvu, we’re building a constellation of satellites that will connect passengers in the air and at sea, anywhere in America — and soon, the world.

The Challenge

As rates of global connectivity continue to surge, legacy systems and outdated business models fail to keep up with passenger demand for faster, more flexible, and more widely available bandwidth—especially on trains, ships, and planes.

Astranis Solution

We partnered with Anuvu to develop and launch the Anuvu Constellation, a fleet of high-throughput MicroGEO satellites that will provide dedicated coverage and capacity for terminals on the move. With two satellites in orbit, our Ku-band satellites will provide coverage for all of the contiguous United States—with six more on the way. 



Anuvu is the world’s leading provider of high-speed connectivity for worldwide mobility markets, including some of the world's largest airlines and cruise lines. Its layered-capacity model allows for high-speed connections on land, in the air, and at sea, and provides clients a fully managed, rapidly scalable hybrid global network.

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