Connecting five Million People in Mexico

Astranis is partnering with Apco Networks to launch two satellites dedicated to Mexico in 2024, which will connect millions of people to affordable broadband internet for the very first time.

andesat | coming 2023
the Challenge

Mexico is an extremely diverse country, with vast differences in culture, geography, wealth, and connectivity across all 32 states. Today, buying just one GB of internet costs some Mexican families over 10% of their monthly income, and more than 30% of the country lacks any internet access at all.

Astranis Solution

Our satellites will allow Apco to provide a managed service for many different kinds of connectivity — WiFi sites, direct-to-enterprise or direct-to-consumer, and backhaul for rural cell sites. This will allow us to connect up to five million people to the internet.


Apco Networks

Led by their founder, Orlando Castillo, Apco has 19 years of experience providing end-to-end satellite connectivity solutions in Mexico. Apco has the local expertise that is necessary to successfully roll out connectivity services in a market as diverse as Mexico, and it also has an innovative, long-term partnership with a ground solutions provider that will enable Apco to serve a unique role in the Mexican connectivity ecosystem.

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