We are taking on one of
humanity's most important challenges.

Four billion people do not have access to the internet. Astranis is going to change that.
We are building the next generation of smaller, lower-cost telecommunications satellites to bring the world online.

Join us and work with top engineers who have flown things in space before.
We are a well-funded team that moves fast.


gedmark 3.jpg

John, CEO

Executive Director at Commercial Spaceflight Federation
Director of Rocket Flight Operations at X Prize
Stanford Aerospace Engineering
Purdue Aerospace Engineering

ryan 4.jpg

Ryan, CTO

Lead Engineer at Planet Labs
Flight Controls on Dream Chaser
MIT Aerospace Engineering
Has designed, built, tested over 100 small satellites


Miki, VP of Operations and Strategy

Strategy and Management Consulting at IDEO
Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School
Cal Poly Aerospace Engineering

bowen 2.jpg

John, Program Manager

4 years Control Systems Lead at Tyvak
4 years Senior Engineer at Orbital Sciences
Cal Poly Aerospace Engineering


Karl, Antennas and Payload Architecture

30 years experience in spacecraft antenna design
Executive Director of Antenna Subsystems Operations at SSL
UCLA Electrical Engineering
Caltech Electrical Engineering

steve 2.jpg

Steve, Digital Radio

Senior Systems Engineer at Qualcomm
Led largest DSP feature revision to Qualcomm's 3G modems
University of Michigan Electrical Engineering


Girts, Software

9 years at Google
University of Rochester Computer Science
University of Latvia Computer Science


Siamak, RF & Antennas

Antenna Module Lead at SpaceX (Starlink Program)
Antenna Lead at Ossia
Sr. Antenna Engineer at Intellectual Ventures
TMU PhD, UCF Postdoc

sam 2.jpg

Sam, Structures

6 years Senior Mechanical Engineer at SpaceX
Lead Structures Engineer at Mars Transport System
Wash U in St. Louis Mechanical Engineering


Roshena, GNC and Software

Stanford Autonomous Systems Lab
Stanford Mechanical Engineering
Berkeley Mechanical Engineering


Brady, Digital Radio Hardware

High-speed digital at Analog Devices
UIUC Mixed Signal Design Group
UIUC Electrical Engineering


Ali, Business Development and Product Marketing

Strategy & Planning at Intelsat
Business Development at O3b
TU München, Masters in Telecoms Eng


John, Business Development

Business Development at Bryce Space and Technology
Executive Director at SEDS
Office of the CFO at NASA
U.S. Air Force
Arizona State University

Riccardo Pic.JPG

Riccardo, Business Operations

Operations Director at Labdoor

UCSB International Studies

UCSB Technology Management Program

Spearfishing World Record Holder

Christian  Pic.jpg

Christian, Business Operations

MBA at University of California, Berkeley

Management consultant at Deloitte

Founder of telecom roaming startup featured by GSMA


Cory, Software

6 years at Skybox/Terra-Bella
4 years at Space Micro
Montana State University Computer Science

Steve, Digital Payload

5 years at Google
5 years at Agilent
Sonoma State Electrical Engineering, Applied Math, and Computer Science

Mike Clement.jpg

Mike, Software

Systems Engineer at Kitty Hawk Corporation
Seattle University Computer Science
Built and flew swarm of 50 fixed-wing drones

Abe Pic.jpg

Abe, Software

UC Santa Barbara Computer Architecture Lab

UC Santa Barbara Computer Science (College of Creative Studies)

Co-founder of Futuristic Lights

Alex, Software

Developed options market making technology at Cutler Group

Founded two electronic trading businesses

Stanford Computer Science


Rico, Engineering Operations

Operations Engineer at SpaceX, Planet & Zipline
Aerial Oblique Photography at Google
University of Michigan Aerospace and Space Systems Engineering

Anjali Pic.png

Anjali, Power Electronics

Stanford Electrical Engineering

Stanford University Power Electronics Research Lab (SUPERLAB)

Mark Ziegenfuss.jpg

Mark, Power Electronics

20+ years experience with power electronics & system architecture
Curtiss-Wright, SSL, Raytheon
Missouri University of Science & Technology Electrical Engineering


Reza, RF Design

RFIC Design Engineer at Qualcomm Atheros
Virginia Tech Electrical Engineering
Sharif University of Technology Electrical Engineering


Blake, Engineering Operations

Principal Engineer at Orbital Sciences Corporation
MIT Aerospace Engineering


Kagan, RF and Antennas

Chief Research Engineer at TUBITAK Space Tech Inst.
Postdoc Ohio State, ElectroScience Laboratory
PhD Middle East Technical University


Paul, Structures

Senior Mechanical Engineer at Imatrex, NASA Ames, Lockheed/Martin
UC Berkeley Mechanical Engineering
UA Optical Sciences


Julian, Structures

Mechanical Engineer at Planet
Design Experience in rockets, drones, & satellites
Cooper Union Mechanical Engineering

Kevin Pic.jpg

Kevin, Power Electronics

Electrical Engineer at Allergan

Controls Research at Caterpillar

UIUC Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Tim Pic.jpg

Tim, Power Electronics

Power Electronics at Linear Tech/Analog Devices

Hardware Prototyping at Apple

Cal Poly Electrical Engineering

Derek, Payload

Research and Development at Sandia National Laboratories
University of Michigan Electrical Engineering


Han, Power Electronics

Avionics at SpaceX
Yale Electrical Engineering

jay copy.jpg

Jay, Structures

Mechanical at Millennium Space Systems
PolySat CubeSat Lab at Cal Poly
Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering

Michael Christen.jpg

Michael, Software

Software Engineer at Counsyl
University of Michigan Computer Engineering


Mason, Digital Payload

Center for High Performance Reconfigurable Computing
NASA Glenn Research Center
University of Florida Electrical and Computer Engineering

Michael Chen.jpg

Michael, Digital Payload

3 years Digital Design Engineer at Northrop Grumman Corporation
Georgia Tech Electrical and Computer Engineering

Brett Pic.jpg

Brett, Digital Payload

SpaceX Senior DSP Engineer

Brigham Young University

Andrey Pic.jpg

Andrey, Digital Payload

5 years Mixed-Signal/RFIC @ Analog Devices

4 years Mixed-Signal/RFIC @ Multigig

UCSC Physics & EE


Dennis, RF Design

RF ATE Test Engineer at Qualcomm Atheros
UIUC Electrical Engineering


Kyle, Structures

Researcher at MIT Lincoln Laboratory Beaver Works Center
MIT Mechanical Engineering


Bob, RF Design

RF Payload Systems at Boeing
UIUC Electrical Engineering


Hall, RF Design

Co-President at Space Technologies at Cal
UC Berkeley Swarm Lab
UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering

Yuji Sugimoto Headshot.jpg

Yuji, Power Electronics

Stanford Electrical Engineering
Stanford Solar Car Team Aerodynamics Lead

sam deghuee.jpg

Sam, Power Electronics

Purdue Electrical Engineering
Co-Op at FCA


Ryan, Digital Radio Hardware

Mixed-Signal IC Design at Raytheon Vision Systems
UCLA Electrical Engineering
UIUC Electrical Engineering


Arthur, GNC

Stanford Aeronautics & Astronautics
SpaceX Dragon GNC
Vanderbilt Aerospace Design Lab

Newberry Pic.JPG

Stephen, Digital Payload

Hardware Engineer at LGS Innovations

Rutgers University Electrical and Computer Engineering

U.S. Coast Guard Electrician's Mate

Marc Pic.jpg

Marc, GNC

Autonomous Technologies at Apple

Rockets GNC at Lockheed Martin

Santa Clara University Engineering Management

UC Davis Aeronautical & Mechanical Engineering


Nathan, Structures

Intern at SpaceX and SSL
UC Berkeley Formula SAE
UC Berkeley Mechanical Engineering
SJSU Mechanical Engineering


Lauren, Office Management

Formerly at Fetch

Drury University and La Sorbonne-Paris

International Business & French


Dr. Fred Harris   Pioneer of software-defined radio Professor at SDSU since 1967

Dr. Fred Harris

Pioneer of software-defined radio
Professor at SDSU since 1967

Dr. Bobby Braun   Former CTO at NASA

Dr. Bobby Braun

Former CTO at NASA

Roger Myers   Former Head of Spacecraft Propulsion at Aerojet Rocketdyne

Roger Myers

Former Head of Spacecraft Propulsion at Aerojet Rocketdyne

Dan Berkenstock   Founding CEO of Skybox Imaging

Dan Berkenstock

Founding CEO of Skybox Imaging


our investors


Jeff Dean • Lars Rasmussen • Kyle Vogt • Jaan Tallinn • Qasar Younis • Jared Friedman • Jude Gomila