Meet MicroGEO: a small comms satellite for geostationary orbit

We manufacture and operate a line of MicroGEO™ spacecraft for regional broadband and broadcast services, utilizing our proprietary software-defined radio (SDR) payload, and offering capacity lease-on-orbit financing models which allow our customers to focus on revenues from their core businesses.

Value Proposition


An order of magnitude less expensive than the traditional, CapEx-heavy models used by legacy, larger GEO satellites


Satellites built and launched in 18 to 24 months to help you generate revenue faster than anyone else in the market


Innovative purchasing models to make your business case work: from capacity lease on-orbit, to revenue share, to procurement

Our Products


With a proven digital processing capability at the heart of its payload, the Astranis MicroGEO is capable of providing affordable, high-speed, broadband internet that is perfectly targeted to any geography around the world: whether a small or medium-sized nation, a remote area, or a fleet of aircraft or ships. Both the Astranis Ku and Ka-band High Throughput Satellite (HTS) style solutions offer excellent total performance and throughput.


MicroGEO options available in C, Ku, or Ka-band enable a wide range of regional broadcast capabilities, including direct-to-home (DTH), direct-to-tower (DTT) or cable headend services. Utilizing the Astranis SDR and shaped beam antenna, power and frequencies can be tailored to specific geographies. By pairing a MicroGEO with leased capacity options, value from legacy spectrum resources can be unlocked without the need for large, traditional up-front capital expenditures.

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